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Every website needs a home, which is where Hosting Individuals steps in. Whether it’s a new website or you’re transferring one we should be your first and only call.


Take the first step to moving your business online by searching for your domain name here. We’ll guide you through the process and help you find the perfect domain to start your journey.


We advise every one of our customers to use a professional email address matching with their domain. It’s great to have a free email account for personal emails but when it comes to business use a reliable one.

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We're here to answer some of the most common questions we're asked.

Why do I need a website for
my business?

We believe that every business from small to
large should have a website. In this current age,
most consumers will search directly online for a
company so without a website they won’t find you.
Sell your products or services, connect with your
consumers, provide valuable information and build
your reputation. The best part about using Hosting
Individuals to find your domain and host your website,
is that we also have the tools to build your website too.

Why do I need a professional

Whilst it’s great to use a free email for your
personal communications, using a domain-based
email address for your business makes you look
much more professional and trustworthy. Consumers
are much more likely to use your company if you
have an email ending in for
example. You’re promoting your business each time
you send an email but also feeling reassured that your
email account is much more secure than any free account.

Why get a domain name from
Hosting Individuals?

Being a smaller business we have our dedicated
experts always on hand. Forget large communication
centres and introduce yourself to our personalised
approach. We want our consumers to succeed
online which is why we’re passionate about moving
your business online. To buy a domain, host your
website or find your perfect business email address
we have a really simple process meaning you will
receive a quick turnaround.

Can I also build my website
with Hosting Individuals?

If you head over to Creative Individuals, our main
brand, you will find all our details surrounding web
design and why you should design your website
with us. In our opinion it makes sense to host your
website with the same company who built it as
communication between two different companies
is not required and the process flows much smoother.
We can be there every step of the way from finding your
domain to finalising your website.

Why should I transfer my website,
domain and hosting?

Not only are we a more dedicated platform than
other larger hosting companies but we’ve
experienced it ourselves, before having the ability
to host our own websites we used other companies
and always struggled with customer service. With
Hosting Individuals we’re a smaller company with
a lot of expert knowledge in this field so instead of
sticking with a hosting company who you’re having
issues with, just because you feel it might be too much
effort to move over, contact us today and we can assist.

How do I receive support from
Hosting Individuals?

If there are ever any issues with your domain,
hosting or emails you can contact us by email or
telephone. We believe in quick and clear communication
to ensure any issues are resolved and as we’ve
mentioned before, we aim for a much more personalised
approach meaning we don’t use a one solution fits all
approach. Some companies can be quite hard to reach
but trust us when we say this; we’re completely transparent
with everything our consumers need to know, that includes
contact details!

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