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We're here to answer some of the most common questions we're asked.

What exactly is a domain

We’ll start off with a quick explanation about IP
addresses, which every computer has assigned to it.
Instead of having to memorise IP addresses, domain
names are assigned to make it easy to remember. If
you own a business and want to move online Hosting
Individuals can assist with finding the best domain
name for your business.

How do I check if a domain
name is available?

It’s really simple! If you have a domain in mind, search
for it in the search bar at the top of this page and our
generator will check and inform you if it’s available or not.
Always consider a few different variations of the domain
name, meaning you have options if the one you searched
for is unavailable. You also have an option of domain
extensions like .com or etc.

If I can’t find a domain name,
can I get help?

Our dedicated team of experts can most definitely
assist with finding the right domain name for your
business. If, after searching for a domain, you can’t
find the one you want or a good alternative contact us
and we will assist with the search or finding a good
alternative for you.

Can I purchase any domain

Some domain extensions do have restrictions and
it’s best to be aware of this. With domain extensions
like .gov or .edu for example you will have to exceed
certain criteria or have authorisation to purchase
these extensions. However, most extensions are available
to everyone.

Find Your Domain.

Find your domain, host your website and create reliable email
addresses with Hosting Individuals. Start your journey today and
receive dedicated support from our team of experts. With Hosting
Individuals you can start your journey by finding the right domain
name for your business or personal brand. From to .com
and even .digital you can choose right here. Most of our clients
come to us at the start of their journey, confused by the first
steps of building their website. Hosting Individuals is here to guide
you through the process and that first step is your domain name
which, as long as it’s available, can be anything you want.


Reliable Hosting.

Every website needs a home, which is where Hosting Individuals
steps in. Once you’ve found a domain that’s where hosting
becomes important, or even if you already have a website
but need a reliable hosting provider you can count on us to
provide that. With incredible load times, uptime and expert
support what more could you ask for?!

Email Addresses.

Everyone uses free email accounts and that’s great for a
personal email address but when it comes to your business
you need to seem much more legitimate and professional. We
advise every one of our customers to use an email address
matching their domain. That’s why we include email addresses
in our packages to help you build a reputation as a reliable and
professional business.

Personalised, Dedicated Support.

We’ve heard of the struggles of getting support when your
website is hosted by a large business, we’ve even experienced
it ourselves. That’s why we have a small, dedicated team of
experts to provide personalised and professional support if any
issues ever arise with your website. With different channels of
communication, don’t worry about not being able to receive the
support you require.